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  Nowadays, English has been the international language. In China, the children have to learn English since their primary education. In some cities, the children even start their English study in kindergarten. Most parents even hire a tutor to help their children to learn English. There is no doubt that English as the international language plays the important role in communication. My uncle travels a lot around the world. He has been to many countries. Every time when he returns, I will listen to his stories. I have heard of many wonderful journeys. My uncle likes to communicate with people from other countries, so he can learn the different culture. I want to live as my uncle, but the first thing for me to do is to master English, so that I can communicate with most people and have fun.
  I like to see movie so much. When I have time, the first thing I’d like to do is to find the hot movies and then buy some snacks, enjoying my movie hour. After appreciating so many movies, The Lord of the Rings impresses me the most. This movie has three series and I like them all. Though the moive was made in about 2000, its technology is still not out of date. In the movie, the scenery is such beautiful that I can’t move my eyes away. It was shot in New Zealand and I have made up my mind that I must go there someday and have a look at the beautiful scenery. The movie shows me a scientific world with all kinds of creatures. The wizards, the hobbies, the elves, the orcs and so on. It broadens my vision.


  Last night, as I felt so bored, so I started to watch movie, my friend asked me to watch Mist, she told me it was very shocking, I was so looking forward to seeing it. Mist is a horror movie, it told about a great mist covered the country, people struggled to live in the world with big monster, at the end, as there was no way to survive, so the protagonist killed his son to make him relieve, just after a few second, the rescue came. The ending is so hopeless for the protagonist, if he holds on for a few second, everything will be changed. The story tells people never to give up hope, who knows what will happen the next second. If we give up hope, we can’t see the good things that will come around. Keeping the hope is very important, it will help us to overcome the difficulty.
  High school time is really the very unforgettable stage for me. During three years’ study, I fought for my future with my classmates, we made the progress together. They were my sisters and brothers. Though I would graduate soon, I would never forget them. My classmates and I took a lot of pictures, we decided to leave the precious moments. So we rent some dresses with the old style, which was very classic in the movie. We put on the dress and went to every corner of the campus, the funny thing was that we took pictures by imitating the movie posts. When other students saw our pictures, they thought it was such fun to do it, so they would join us and made the graduation pictures more vivid. It was such precious for me to keep these pictures, I will never forget my dear classmates.
  It’s a good option for college students to join the army. Army is the important constitution in a country. Nowadays, many college students prefer to be soldiers. Why?
  Firstly, there are many preferential policies for college students to join the army, such as tuition waiver, wage subsidy. What’s more, I consider join the army can strengthen our mind. In my opinion, it’s the most important reason to join the army. Whatever you are a student or others, two years’ training can build a strong body, too.
  I want to join the army. My family is delighted to my decision. Because I want to be a great and strong woman and change my images in front of my friends. More importantly, I would like to experience the army life; I think it will be a colorful moment in my whole life.

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